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July 16, 2006

Wynn's Former "Avenue Q" Theater

Posted by Mike E

Jonathon Root is an actor who opened and subsequently closed "Avenue Q" at Wynn. He is back in New York performing on Broadway. He made some interesting observations about Wynn's theater in his blog. Here is an excerpt and link to it.

"...The Broadway audiences are spectacular! Don't get me wrong, the
Vegas audiences could be great, but it was very hit-or-miss. One
night we would have a couple hundred people in the house and the
next night there would be a thousand! There was no consistency, no
way to predict how the house would react. This is a comedy. It
thrives off of audience response. That was tough to work around in
Vegas. On Broadway, every show is raucous. The Golden Theatre just
rocks with laughter. Which is another thing: something about the
design of the theatre at the Wynn made it so that the performers on
stage couldn't hear the audience reactions well. People would talk
to me after the show and say, "Wow, did you hear that reaction when
you said blah blah blah?" and I would respond, "Actually, no. No, I
didn't hear it." Something about its cavernous design limited the
audience sound coming up to the stage. In complete contrast, the
Golden Theatre is like a shotgun funnel. All sounds from the
audience shoot right down the lane and connects with you on stage.
THAT, my friends, is a Broadway Theatre. A truly give-and-take
experience where I could hear every chuckle and outright explosive
laughter from the audience. Oh, and did I mention how nice it is to
have a FULL HOUSE?..."

Jonathon Root's blog


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July 18, 2006 6:59 AM Posted by mike_ch

So wait, when your crowds are only filling half of the room you can't hear the audience reaction very well? You don't say.

And to think it only set back Steve a paltry $40 million for this stunning revelation.

July 19, 2006 8:29 AM Posted by Mike P.

Hey, for those of you who need to keep up with every change at Wynn, the area formerly known as the B Bar that turned into a Baccarat room for a while has reopened as the B Bar again. There's bartop video poker with 9/6 Jacks at $1 and up, and possibly a table game or two in the back. The bar basically fills the room, so don't look for lounge acts there. Looks like Hunter -- or was it detroit -- had accurate information about that space.

Mike P.

(Note: Hunter is the one with accurate information.

July 19, 2006 2:03 PM Posted by MARLYMARR

The B Bar is very nice looking, it looks great in that area. I mentioned to a friend of mine who works there that it should be nice to finally have a bar with vp machines etc...she shrugged, i never did ask why.