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October 6, 2006

Worst Las Vegas Podcast #3 Posted

Posted by Hunter

I posted a new podcast that I recorded last night.

In this episode I talk more about Harrah's and the Barbary Coast, dig into Sheldon Adelson, and look back at the changes at The Mirage.

You can get the podcast a few ways:

If you use iTunes:

If you don't, the direct feed link is:

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October 7, 2006 5:42 PM Posted by detroit1051

Enjoyed the podcast. Regarding Harrah's, the Wall Street Journal's Saturday edition (Oct 7) has an article about how the private equity buyers intend to fund more than half of the buyout by borrowing against Harrah's real estate. If we have prolonged bad times in Vegas or in the gaming sector, or, if there were some manmade or natural disaster, what would happen to Harrah's portfolio? Harrah's is beginning to make good progress in integrating their properties and successfully using the Total Rewards program. I hope they don't lose momentum. The deal makes me nervous, but maybe I'm too provincial which is why I'll never be rich.

I also liked your discussion of The Mirage, especially since I watched some of the changes when I stayed there in June and stopped by twice in September. Your restaurant descriptions are on the money. Kokomo's is a good steakhouse, but it's not a great restaurant. Now I've forgotten the word you used to describe the carpeting, but it was perfect. It was a brilliant move to put the bar in the hotel lobby. It has been busy from morning until late night every time I've walked by. The hotel lobby is so isolated from the casino and hotel tower that the area was dead space until now. I'd only caution Kokomo's diners not to sit near the entrance to the dining room. Noise from the bar, as well as smoke, is noticeable at the tables backing up to the bar.

Hunter, you should try Fin. It is excellent, and it is probably the quietest restaurant at The Mirage. I liked it for lunch and dinner.

Japonais has such a large lounge area and bar that I'm sure it will be hugely successful. When we went opening week, the bar and the lounge seating was fully occupied. A fun place. The dining room is secluded enough from the lounge that it is not as loud as Stack, but it's still lively. I hope you get there soon and give us your opinion.

You brought back memories of Treasure Island. When it opened, I thought the chandeliers with bones dangling from them were a great touch....I don't know what that says about me.

October 7, 2006 11:50 PM Posted by Hunter

I added a listener voicemail line:


If you call that number and leave a message, I will likely play it on the air! Please call in with your comments, suggestions or tips!