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October 25, 2006

Wynn and Trump to Team Up in Atlantic City (Updated)

Posted by Hunter

Is Steve Wynn coming back to Atlantic City and is he working with former arch-rival Donald Trump to make it happen?

This has been reported a few places today (including via our listener line - thanks Brian)!

The rumor is that Steve Wynn and Donald Trump are considering some kind of deal to bring Wynn back to AC on the site of Trump Plaza. That could mean a joint venture, Wynn Resorts purchasing the land outright, or nothing at all.

Nothing concrete on this topic but let's open it up for discussion. Thoughts?

Updated: This is gaining more ground:

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October 25, 2006 7:29 PM Posted by Dave Lifton

Anything that gets rid of the Trump Plaza is worthwhile. That hole is so stuck in the 80s, it looks like a giant Cosby sweater.

October 25, 2006 7:47 PM Posted by Devon

I don't really see Wynn operating on a 12 acre site anymore. Plus a partnership with trump could equal disaster. Just naming the place could be quite funny. The TRUMP/Wynn Atlantic City on top of a bronze tower with massive gold block lettering.

October 25, 2006 8:39 PM Posted by Brian Fey

I took it that, it was not just 12 acres. I think he wanted the 12 additional acres in addition to something else he is able to aquire. Its really hard to say. Trump and Wynn have been pretty close in recent years. I would love to see a Wynn property in AC. I have never even been, but I am always up for visiting a Wynn hotel, anywhere that may be! :)

October 25, 2006 8:58 PM Posted by Hunter

Well, I *have* been to Atlantic City and the place does need some more new development.

The Borgata is a nice place and it sounds like MGM Mirage may do something City Center-esque next door.

October 26, 2006 1:55 AM Posted by mike_ch

I don't see either.

Sorry, Borgata is a nice place but it's ONE. To plant down a Wynn, or heaven forbid a CityCenter, is to gamble that you can turn the AC demo around overnight. In the case of PCC it also assumes that the city has that kind of infastructure.

Furthermore Atlantic City seems to lack that unified "gambling mall" element, I haven't been there but the way things look reminds me of non-downtown Reno, where to go to one casino to another you get in your car and drive on some streets/freeways past minimalls and regular city stuff to the next casino.

The whole urban pedestrian resort center gig doesn't work well when there's no other resort nearby.

October 26, 2006 5:37 PM Posted by Brian

Mike_Ch, that's why they need more classy resorts on the Boardwalk itself. The Boardwalk can be a great pedestrian area.....right now you have the Trop and Hilton at the south, then the Trump Plaza/Caesars/Bally/Claridge in the middle, and then Resorts/Taj/Showboat up north. Right now there are plans to redevelop the Sands parcel and also plans for plots south of the Hilton and north of the Showboat.

I'd love to see Wynn come back to AC. AC is a far cry from Vegas, but it is improving.

October 26, 2006 7:34 PM Posted by Brian Fey

Maybe Brian, should at least put up the first initial of his last name So we'll have Brian Fey (me :) and Brian X. ?? Just a thought. People may get us confused. But just don't forget, I am Wynn biggest fan! :)