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January 5, 2007

2006 Gaming Abstract

Posted by detroit1051

The NV Gaming Board has released its 245 page report on gaming in the state during the 2006 fiscal year ending June 30. Gaming revenue continued to be less than half of total revenues of $24.1 Billion.
Review Journal Summary of Gaming Abstract

Nevada Gaming Abstract 2006


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January 5, 2007 1:45 PM Posted by Christian

Interesting read.

The most obvious thing I can point out is the fact that Las Vegas's casino properties that do over $72,000,000 in gambling had a much lower room occupancy average than the strip hotels as a whole. Although it's a difference of one percentage point, the numbers add up to be a nice chunk of change that these casino behemoth's miss out on. Could they be too focused on gaming, or are their hotel rooms to expensive?

It seems that these giants should possibly look at filling their rooms a little bit more. Ultimately I see them gaining gambling revenue in turn from that.

Does that seem on base?

January 6, 2007 1:14 AM Posted by Hunter

I usually get the printed version of this each year from the GCB.

Very interesting document... The only bummer is that while they have property by property info in-house, they don't break it down that way for competitive/secrecy issues.

Still, it's done by geographic region which is not quite coarse enough for my liking but not terrible... There was a vacation where I read this and the Gaming Control Act and related statutes. My wife thought I was insane...