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I just got word from my friends Steve and Miles over at The Strip Podcast that their upcoming Thursday night episode will feature some new words from Steve Wynn and based on what Steve told me in a follow-up email, we're going to hear a few things that we've never heard before.

Also, The Strip has announced their first (I think so, right?) live event. This coming Sunday, January 28th, they will be co-hosting a live discussion at the Ghostbar at the Palms. The discussion features the top celebrity journalists, Perez Hilton, Robin Leach, Norm Clarke and Carlos Dias from ExtraTV. More details are available at There's a $10 cover and the show gets going at 8pm so make sure to get there with plenty of time to get in and upstairs. If you've never been to the Ghostbar, this is a good time to check it out, when it's not full of drunken fools all competing to fall off the balcony. The proceeds from the event go to the NLGJA.

So, some hot activity on The Strip Podcast this week. The show is recorded on Thursdays at 7pm and you can participate in a live chat while they do the show. I'm planning on joining in this week - looking forward to it. The chat room is located at: and there should also be links from the Strip Podcast site. See you on Thursday!

Update: A little preview of tonight's Steve Wynn/Spamalot stuff is here.

Updated Thursday: This episode is now available. Wynn talks a bit about the golf course, indicating the zoning was more to do with the way the mortgage is collateralized than anything else but the course will indeed be re-developed in a few years. He also said that he will never do a dense development like City Center, citing his lower cost of land as one reason he doesn't need to. I recommend you listen to the podcast.

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January 23, 2007 10:34 AM Posted by mike_ch

At first I saw the part that said: "new words from Steve Wynn and based on what Steve told me in a follow-up email" and thought "Steve Wynn sends you email?"

(insert dream vision sequence right here)

"Dear Hunter,

Thank you very much for kind words regarding our resort. Please be sure to listen to my appearance on the next podcast our latest comments on the ongoing situation.

(signature GIF here)

(P.S. If you wish, I'd be happy to give you an exclusive tour of all the fine art we've collected, but please don't bring a magnifying glass and make sure I don't get too close to the paintings.)

(Oh, and just one last thing: No need to bring an independent appraisor, I already have one.)"

January 23, 2007 2:29 PM Posted by Christian

I think he means his friend Steve at The Strip Podcast. I thought the same thing at first too.

Hunter, you hear anything about the Hooters offer?

January 23, 2007 2:33 PM Posted by Hunter

Yeah, sorry... The Steve I was talking to is Steve Friess of the Strip Podcast. He's the one that talked to Steve Wynn. Confusing.

On the Hooters thing, I don't have any info beyond what's been reported. I toyed with posting a story but honestly, I wasn't very interested. Maybe I should. You guys want to discuss it?

January 23, 2007 6:54 PM Posted by Christian

according to a site i just stumbled upon (

The Hooters Hotel & Casino is about to get new ownership, as the corporation behind the project announced a plan to accept an unsolicited $95 million offer from the NTH Advisory Group LLC. The transaction comes less than a year after opening the property and two years after paying $67 million for what was then the San Remo Hotel. As part of the deal, NTH also will assume $130 million in principal that is due by 2012. Don�t expect the property branding to change, though, just the ownership behind it. "

There was a story today in the RJ, but i couldn't find it online.

I was under the impression from the Las Vegas Casino Death Watch ( that it was going to be redeveloped. Anyone able to clarify?

January 26, 2007 8:44 PM Posted by motoman

I'm glad Wynn isn't going to densepack the golf course. He's showing some taste here, land costs notwithstanding. Not that he necessarily wouldn't have made a different decision if there was more cost pressure. But then we've all said how he isn't like a corporate operator who squeezes every last drop of blood from the stone above all other considerations. The talk about zoning & mortgage issues reinforces an impression I'd gotten earlier, that he does indeed have more business sense than some have credited him with. Well no one gets to that level of business otherwise, I suppose.

On the Hooters thing: It's the casino business so definitely include it! As I understood it, the San Remo owners were involved in the Hooters transition so there's some interesting business stuff to follow there. Not everything has to involve the megabillion-dollar �berresorts and "amazing" architecture.

Had I written a trip report last July, I'd have mentioned how we had an incredible run a the craps table at Hooters -- but failed to sign up for the player's club beforehand. (Not really a tragedy, IMO.)