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Howdy folks! As a quick aside, I meant to do a podcast tonight but it didn't happen - sorry!! I'm shooting for the weekend and from then on, probably every 7-10 days. Thank you for being patient. There's clearly a lot to about.

I am planning on being in Las Vegas at the end the month, just for a weekend, to tour and document the progress at CityCenter's preview center - thanks to MGM MIRAGE for any access. From what I'm told, the preview center is amazing - I look forward to sharing with everyone... Expect photos to follow.

Regarding Wynn Macau, their 'Diamond Suites' project, located on the property edge near the future MGM Grand (with its neat/original curtain wall design), is a new hotel tower with the aim to up their room inventory as the company also looks into possibilities on Cotai Originally, Wynn Macau had something akin to a phase '1b', which was supposed to expand the casino floor, add a showroom and a new 'front feature', all to open in early 2007. This front feature is some kind of special effects room that Wynn says will 'blow us all away'.

Given that the public spaces are now going to be more aligned with the 'Diamond Suites' areas, they have been delayed until later this year. The 'Diamond Suites' tower is still 18 to 25 months out, though no specific dates have been announced. Some of the new tables and slots will open for the celebration of Chinese New Year, which is also coming to Las Vegas in a few weeks.

Ok, and last, MGM MIRAGE has new renderings of both CityCenter and MGM Grand Macau in their latest financial presentation. Very interesting shots that really show how the new buildings will interact with each and specifically "NOT" interact with neighbors.

MGM Mirage Financial Presentation 1/2007

I realize this was long winded - sorry. I hope everyone is doing well. Photos will follow in this space.

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January 12, 2007 6:38 AM Posted by Christian

Sorry about the mix up on my last post. I just glanced through the 8-K.

If you can, try to get some video on CityCenter (provided MGM MIRAGE allows it) and host it on youtube. I'm sure everyone would be interested in that.

Even if not, thats a really cool experiance and I'd love to hear the details when you get that chance.

January 12, 2007 11:51 AM Posted by mike_ch

The Veer towers just keep getting uglier. At first I wasn't a fan of their lean design, but now it looks like they have chicken pox.

I can see why people who appreciate office tower and public building architecture can really like it, though. My biggest complaint has been the one I've had for a while now, which is that I kind of expect buildings on the Las Vegas strip to look like they stepped out of somebody's sketchpad.

Still, a number of architects I like or are so-so for are represented here, along with a number I've never heard of, so I guess I'm positive. Also nice to see the new tram track in that model.