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Ok, so this isn't really a surprise. This has been rumored and semi-confirmed for months.

After the fall of 'Hairspray', Luxor officials were looking for something to fill their theater and they tapped their friends from Canada to help.

This show will feature the 'magic' tricks of illusionist Cris Angel. I've never seen him perform but I've heard he is quite good and far less annoying than David Blane.

Expect more details from MGM Mirage soon and a show to open early 2008. Production cost is supposedly about $100 million.

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March 19, 2007 4:03 PM Posted by Brian Fey

This could be cool. Luxor needs a good show to generate traffic. If done well, and I am sure CDS will do a great job, I think this might be a big hit. Love was much better than I expected, and I am not even a Beatles fan, but the show is fantastic. I look forward to seeing what they can do with a magic act. I miss the big production magic shows, like S&R. Though it may have gotten dated towards the end of its run, it was a fantastic show, and light years ahead of anything else when it opened.

March 19, 2007 4:34 PM Posted by Mike E

On the contrary, I find him *more* annoying than David Blane. But than again, I can't think of a single magician that doesn't get on my nerves with their exaggerated gyrations and Claudia Schiffer girlfriends, but I digress...

It'll no doubt be an unquestionable hit.

March 19, 2007 6:33 PM Posted by Five Hundy

Everybody knows magic is just another word for witchcraft and, quite frankly, witchcraft scares me. I disapprove.

March 19, 2007 6:35 PM Posted by Hunter

You just don't want to wear nice shoes. I know your story.

March 19, 2007 7:08 PM Posted by mike_ch

So what're they gonna call this one? Cirque do Soleil: Freakshow?

This guy's "style" is the kind of stuff that causes most normal people to crawl out of their skin. It's nice to see he stopped hanging by flesh hooks and moved onto more publically-acceptable crazyness, but eew.

I'm not planning to see this one, but then I've found 2/3rds of the more experimental, less traditional Crique shows to be acceptable (yeah, Love disappointed me as a Cirque fan, but as a Beatles fan I thought it was alright.)

Still... Eh.

July 24, 2007 10:21 PM Posted by Nichol

I personally find Cris Angel to be completely annoying, but there is no denying this guy is an amazing illusionist. CDS is always an incredible show. I'll make the travel plans to come see this for sure.