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August 20, 2007

ANOTHER Strip Shooting

Posted by Hunter

Well, early Sunday there was ANOTHER shooting on the Strip - for those keeping track, we've had three in the past few weeks and a gun scare just last week that turned out to be false.

Here's the story on Sunday's action:

What's going on here? One of the great things about the Las Vegas Strip is that it is considered safe - enough so that many just take it for granted.

How will this impact tourism? Will it?


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August 20, 2007 2:26 PM Posted by TS

It's interesting that with all of the money changing (often drunk) hands on and around the Strip that none of these shootings were motivated by robbery. I think if these shootings continue, yes, it will negatively impact tourism...eventually.

A shooting on the Strip itself is not surprising since violent crime is on the upswing around the country. The fact that 2 of the shootings occurred on casino properties is totally shocking! Even more shocking to me is that the shooter at Caesars was able to escape property--how could that have happened with so much casino security, so many cameras, etc?

I hope the casinos take action and really make guest security a priority (as they have with detection of cheaters, card counters, etc). I was glad to read (I forgot where, sorry) that the number of cops on the Strip was increased, clearly Las Vegas/Clark County "get it" re: this issue.

August 20, 2007 3:34 PM Posted by mike_ch

Not really. Violence can break out on the strip at any time depending on what's going on, visitor profile, etc. That famous rapper Tupac was shot on the strip after all.

Including private security forces, Las Vegas has more badges and guns per capita than just about anywhere.

August 20, 2007 3:49 PM Posted by Rob C

In fact, its very easy for a shooter or other criminal to escape from a casino, even though there is "security" everywhere. I have many friends who work in security at a major strip casino (both officers and supervisors) and they are told not to chase, stop, or detain anyone who has a weapon. Since a lot of casino security is unarmed, they have no force to be able to stop anyone, thus they let people go and later go back to the tapes to try to identify a suspect. ...And this is a major casino they work at, lets just say its the one with all the fountains in front.