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Thanks for Chuck at for pointing out that two popular Vegas sites have been re-designed.

The Las Vegas Advisor is the sorta-ghetto looking Web site from the sorta-ghetto LVA. Tailor made for the Travel Channel, the content is pretty predictable but a a solid resource for first-timers if you don't mind getting the company line from your reviewers.

Next up is, a great blog/site full of cutting edge commentary. This is a great site if you're not familiar.

Now, Chuck finishes his article by talking about his VegasTripping re-design... Chuck's got the design skills so I'm sure it will be a nice upgrade - he's got a good track record.

As far as my sites, I have a new design for this blog (not the parent site) that has been done for some time, though it is still not implemented. I'll get to that hopefully sooner rather than later. Beyond that, I sketched an updated photo quiz design, though that is a ways off. I have plans for at least one other site/application that I'm really excited about. Not sure when that will see the light of day.


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September 9, 2007 1:14 AM Posted by Mike E

Thanks for the updates, Hunter. I was wondering when we'd get a new photo quiz. The first one was all the rage with the various messageboards.

September 9, 2007 10:01 AM Posted by Hunter

I can't wait to post another one. I've also added some features to the software but the most time consuming part is finding all the photos - it takes forever.