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A quick site update... The new visual design, which hasn't been worked on for a few months, is still gestating and will come with a software upgrade to Movable Type 4, sometime soon I hope.

Second, I'm hoping/planning to get back into doing some more writing myself. I used to do a 'Stripping' series of hotel reviews and despite the fact that I was way too picky for a lot of folks, I think it may be time to do another round. The Strip has changed a good bit and I'd love to exercise my pen a bit more. Besides me, I'm *always* looking for writers - guest writers, series writers, regular columns, whatever. Interested?

Lastly, I have thousands of Las Vegas photos. I have plans to expand on my 'photo quiz' concept but other than that, any suggestions from anyone as to what I could do with all these photos? I have this feeling they are under-used but I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts?


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November 9, 2007 12:48 AM Posted by motoman

"...way too picky for a lot of folks..."

...What? Hey, we love the nitpicking! ;-) Nothing's worse, or more suspicious, than a fawning, see-no-evil review. And we're all about the minutia here....

As for the photos, just a minor issue, but would it be possible to have them dated or arranged chronologically somehow?

Thanks, and as always, we appreciate all the hard work to provide us with this resource.