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January 5, 2008

UPDATED: Trippies Announced Tonight! Live!

Posted by Hunter

Well, I don't know what the results will be but the Trippies, the awards in which we are nominated, are being announced live tonight at 7pm PT.

Check Them Out Here

Updated: Well, we didn't win. Thanks a ton to everyone that voted - I know there were a lot of questions and I really appreciate you taking the time and more generally, just visiting on a regular basis. On best site, VT&T won. I have really mixed feelings. I read that site all the time but from someone that has had his photos taken for that site without attribution, I always get a sort of bad taste in my mouth. Congratulations to everyone that did win - I know first hand how hard it is to keep a site like one of these running.

Updated Again: Well, we did get an editor's choice award - Best Web Site and that was for the iPhone version of Thanks Chuck! We're very proud of the iPhone stuff and I plan to continue to enhance it - I have big plans for new features, likely coming in bits. As far as other phones and PDAs, I'd love to support them. The problem is that most of them have TERRIBLE browsers. As those improve, we'll expand our offerings. We do have a BlackBerry version with some similar info. For those interested, this page covers all of our mobile options.


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January 5, 2008 6:17 PM Posted by mike_ch

Same time as the debates air on the west coast.

I hope he plans to upload the results somewhere afterwards.

January 5, 2008 6:20 PM Posted by Hunter

Yeah, I'm sure he will... and of course if we win we will post it.

I'm not sure which one to watch. I mean, I've seen every single debate so far so I'm pretty clear on these folks' positions but given recent events, this could be more interesting.

I hate time delayed stuff. Stupid.