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Some may recall that before the 're-opening' of the Aladdin as Planet Hollywood, I was quoted in a London paper by writer Steve Friess and gave a less than stellar prognosis for the troubled property. That subsequently lead to an exchange between Friess and Hollywood principal Robert Earl.

Anyway, as I said all along, I have nothing against the property or its operator and here's a story that indicates their strategy is indeed working, pulling PHo back from the abyss that was the Aladdin. For the sake of healthy competition, I hope we see this continue. Congrats to them for hard working paying off it seems.


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April 2, 2008 10:17 AM Posted by David McKee

Majestic Research's secret shoppers have been reporting a notable uptick in the number of gambling positions occupied at Planet Ho, so this news doesn't come as a total surprise. And, heaven knows, the front of the house looks better all the time.

But I'm losing count of the number of "grand openings" they've had -- including one for Desert(ed) Passage/Miracle Mile, which is far, FAR from complete where re-theming is concerned. There's still a lot of Aladdin left in that place.