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August 24, 2008

KS Licenses Awarded to Harrah's and Penn Natl Gaming

Posted by Hunter

Fellow podcaster David McKee keeps us updated on the Kansas gaming process here at Stiffs and Georges:


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August 27, 2008 6:05 PM Posted by Jeff in OKC

"Why This is Good for Harrah's, Oklahoma and Texas". By Jeff in OKC, Auto body shop owner and Casino industry strategerist.

One of the great ungamed areas in America is Texas. They have almost no Indian land and little gaming lobbying otherwise. The best symbol of the relationship between Oklahoma and Texas is that on the state border, on I-35, the first exit in Texas goes directly into a hardcore porn video store, and the first exit into Oklahoma goes directly into an Indian Casino. Both of which are about 1/4 mile from the border, respectively.
The jewel in all this is the Dallas/Fort Worth area, one of the top 10 in America. Harrah's has Shreveport covered, which is about 175 miles due east of Dallas. However, Indian gaming is on the Oklahoma border, just 90 miles North. Hence the slogan "Half the distance-twice the fun", which blares constantly from the PA system at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma.
Now, the point of my babbelege. Harrah's now can move from Kansas City, to Wichita, AND purchase Remington Park Racino in Oklahoma City. OKC is the closest real city to DFW, and also, no Indina tribes can claim rights to OKC, and everything Northwest from there in the state. Indian gaming is OK, but it is a shadow of what a major Casino ompany can provide. So far as service, and the general vibe, the Las Vegas based companies are the King, pure and simple.
OKC and Dallas have a good relationship. The largest chapter of the OU alumni association is in Dallas, and it is ofter told that Big 12 events are held in Dallas because the Oklahoma fan will travel there. My point being that North Texas gamblers will travel to OKC to gain Total Rewards points and Harrah's will continue on their march toward "World Doe-minion".