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Just a reminder that the Vegas Podcast-a-palooza is coming up in less than two short weeks at The Palms, right off The Strip.

Including Five Hundy By Midnight, The Strip Podcast and the Vegas Gang, along with special guests Carrot Top and George Maloof, this should be a ton of fun.

We'll also have some giveaways and a question and answer period for the show producers.

Attendance is free and all the details are here:


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August 16, 2008 8:18 AM Posted by detroit1051

I wish I were in Vegas today for Vegas Podcast-a-palooza instead of watching which direction Fay the storm/hurricane is heading. Looking forward to all reports on your adventure this afternoon.
Unrelated, what do you think about Jay-Z? In my opinion, Adelson made a big mistake putting Jay-Z's 40/40 in Palazzo. Is Sheldon trying to pay him to go away?

"NORM: 40/40 Club buzz may mean a sale
Those persistent rumors that hounded Jay-Z's 40/40 Club at The Palazzo since it opened New Year's Eve may finally have come to fruition.
Page Six, the New York Post's gossip column, reported on Thursday that the hip-hop mogul may be selling half of the sports-themed club to the landlord, Las Vegas Sands Corp., the parent company of The Palazzo and The Venetian.
Jay-Z would get $44 million in the deal that reportedly would turn 40/40 into a megasports book operation and give The Sands the right to open 40/40 clubs in London and across Europe.
A 40/40 representative said the club would have no comment."