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April 7, 2009

Inside Wynn Design and Development

Posted by Hunter

Steve Friess has a very interesting photo post over at Vegas Happens Here:

I'd highly encourage checking it out for any Wynn and/or design freaks.


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May 13, 2009 3:51 PM Posted by motoman

An amazing peek at the design process, Thanks! I'm utterly amazed at the lack of comments to this post on what began life as a "Design blog" (and so it still says in the header :-).

That wall of framing or crown molding samples in the photos (framing, I guess) is overwhelming. It certainly proves that the superiority of the designs in Wynn's places is no accident, and did not come about from some journeyman designers filling in the blanks in the MGM design playbook.... (Yes Brian, many of us have been observing and saying so here for quite a while now.) It was that first stay at Wynn in 2005 that brought me to this blog in the first place.

Not that I don't enjoy the recent business-oriented focus here -- after all, I became interested in Vegas from that perspective even before realizing the importance of design, back when CircusCircus Enterprises changed their name to Mandalay Resort Group to identify with their high-end property rather than their low-end. (Some fellow tourists on the shuttle back to McCarran said they felt sorry for CircusCircus with the recent competition from Luxor, Excal, and the then-new Mandalay, and I so wanted to set them straight! I bit my tongue because, well, no one likes a know-it-all. That was before the blogosphere, where we can now hang out with other, fellow know-it-alls!)