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October 21, 2009

LV Weekly on Podcast-a-palooza 2

Posted by Hunter

Las Vegas Weekly writer Richard Abowitz was on-hand this past weekend for our second annual Vegas Podcast-a-palooza at The Palms. The resulting article is now available online:

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For me, it's fun to hear reaction from MGM Mirage's Absher that describes their decision making process when it comes to being a part of the event. As we were organizing the show, I honestly didn't know what to expect as far as participation - I was very happily surprised that not only was the company willing to engage us but would send a high-level exec to do so. Kudos to MGM Mirage for participating.

As Abowitz infers, relationships with 'new media' are still being forged. I want to provide accurate information for my readers and based on the conversations I have with my colleagues, I know they do too. Many of us got into this as fans or enthusiasts but after achieving enough critical mass, we've become sources that readers trust, along with a place for them to engage each other in comments and feedback. For me it's still a labor of love and something I do for fun but as I've learned (sometimes the hard way), there is also a responsibility that's come along with it.

Have my posts contained inaccuracies in the past? Yes, they have, though not intentionally... I've made mistakes. I've tried to learn from them, be more skeptical where appropriate and focus more on being a constructive and fun part of the conversation than just being first with a juicy rumor - I can understand Absher's frustration to some degree. That said, the more that they engage us, the smaller that problem becomes.

Thanks again to all that came and participated in 'Palooza 2. It was a blast.