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November 4, 2009

The VT 'Debacle'

Posted by Hunter

By now, I doubt that any regular reader isn't familiar with the / Wynn Resorts flap over

Well, Charles S. Monster has posted their planned response and I think it's just about perfect (except for Steven vs. Stephen - sorry, couldn't resist the nitpick).

As Chuck's partner in the referenced Web site, I can confirm his origination of said term, which no doubt has entered our lexicon - I use it myself frequently.

I'm typically not one for boycotts or protests but there is no doubt that Wynn Resorts made themselves look a bit silly this time around. Maybe they didn't realize who the domain belonged to or its intended purpose. Let's hope that they buy into CSM's plan to reconcile - I'd rather see Twitpics of Macau than the inside of a courtroom.

Of course we'll all be watching to see what happens... and I'm sure I'll ask him about it on the next VegasGang.

Speaking of casino opening Web sites, we're reprising our Encore performance for ARIA... though we have a few tricks up our sleeve to amp it up a bit. Stay tuned.


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November 6, 2009 12:29 PM Posted by JK

Kind of overreacting. What's even worse is that the beach club has started construction which means the atrium of encore is getting ripped out and the trees and curtains are gone from the casino. Do I want to stay at encore during all of this, NO. I love that place, but because of things like the atrium. That would be the biggest disruption as your staying there. If the atrium is gone by the end of this, Im going to be very upset because that is IMO the crowning jewel of the hotel.