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May 19, 2010

Vegas Mate Updates For iPhone and iPad Coming

Posted by Hunter

I'm prepping updates to both versions of Vegas Mate, coming very soon.

Vegas Mate for iPad 1.2: Submitted to Apple a few days ago, it features proper landscape support as well as a few other tweaks. It's a relatively minor update.

Vegas Mate for iPhone 2.6: A bigger update than the iPad version with photos, Twitter integration, some UI tweaks, global search and a lot of other changes. I hope to have this submitted by the end of the week.

Both updates will be free for existing customers.

I'm excited to get these out to folks, especially the iPhone update, which has been in the works for awhile. After this, the next update will be for the iPad and include a big new feature. Following that, a major overhaul of the iPhone version, something I'm not ready to discuss yet.

In addition, both products now have dedicated Web sites with product info and support questions, including screen casts if you're not familiar with how the products work.