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A surprising headline - it seems that Macau decided not to grant a land concessions for two parcels to Las Vegas Sands. This was land that the company was expecting to be granted to develop an integrated resort. This PDF from 'Top Builders Group' shows some renderings of proposed LVS buildings for that site.

The company can appeal the decision but has a very limited time window to do do.

This is interesting. We've of course seen rumblings from the Chinese government indicating that they want to slow development of new resorts in Macau but this is a significant development.

In September, SJM indicated that it wanted to take over the parcels for its own development.


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December 2, 2010 12:59 PM Posted by atdleft

So is China trying to stop Macau from being "hyper-developed" like Las Vegas was for 20 years before everything came crashing down in 2008?

Or is this just a play to win more concessions from LVS?

Or is Stanley Ho somehow involved?

Or something else entirely?

Whatever the case, LVS' position just got a little shakier. And since they and Wynn Resorts are banking so much on Macau, it will be interesting to see how China decides to move development forward.

December 2, 2010 1:45 PM Posted by Brian Fey

They probably should spread the wealth some. The bad part is, sounds like if this holds, then LVS is out a cool $100 Million they've already spent on these sites. Ouch! I guess that's just pocket change for Sheldy though.