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December 21, 2010

Last Day to Vote for The Trippies! Vote Now!

Posted by Hunter

Today is the last today to vote in the Trippies. I'm/we're nominated in the following categories:

Best Web Site:
Best Blog: Two Way Hard Three
Best App: Vegas Mate
Best Twitterer: @Hunter
Best Podcast: The Vegas Gang

I'd very much appreciate your vote!



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December 21, 2010 5:19 PM Posted by mike_ch

You got four out of five from me. The renovation of RateVegas is great, of course I'd vote for Vegas Mate, I'll vote for you over the FF/RT official tweeter pack, and I threw in a vote for Vegas Gang though I'm pretty confident Tim & Michelle will Hall Of Fame anyway.

But, to me personally, LV in 2010 was less than ever about activities happening on Las Vegas Boulevard and more about the often filthy, occasionally amusing madhouse that exists just outside it's tourist zone. The quality of life devastation in the city itself, the mendacity and corruption in certain public agencies, and the slow decay of the city as it was pushed closer to the edge. This probably doesn't concern tourists, but it can affect your visit more than you might think. The whole "city on the brink of failure" thing which started last spring and may only just now have slowly started to turn around (too soon to tell) was pretty much what MY Las Vegas looked like. And so, even though he moved out of town, I voted Vegas Rex simply because he was the only one of the options that paid attention to these matters.

Nothing against the blogs that concern themselves with REVPAR, BJ odds, visitation numbers, or what Steve Wynn is thinking about this week. In particular, the Two Daves produced very good business content this year, and this very blog has improved a ton since they got rid of that Strip Walk idiot. ;)

It's just that this year, that stuff wasn't very important in the big picture.

Since my nomination for Elaine Wynn didn't get through the vetting process, I voted John Unwin for POTY. He at least deserves it more than Jimbo and The Stevester, who are the other two easy options.

December 21, 2010 5:21 PM Posted by Hunter

Thanks for your votes!