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I'm happy to report that Vegas Mate 3.1 has hit the App Store. This update, originally planned as a relatively small set of changes, turned out to be a three month endeavor. Whew.

After the jump, a few more details on specific changes but here are some of the most important bits:

Trip Templates

Trip Templates are a new feature designed to provide sets of trip recommendations to Vegas visitors that are trying to decide what to do. Imagine suggestions for outings like 'bachelor party' or 'business trip', each including a set of hotels, restaurants, activities and other tips.

I was able to get some friends to contribute templates - a huge thank you to everyone that was able to be a part of it. Trip templates will continue to be added and updated over time.

Trip Sync

The original vision for the app was to have an iPad version that was great for pre-trip planning and then also an iPhone version that was useful on the go. Up until now, the biggest piece missing in this equation was the ability to sync trips between devices.

Well, trip sync is now included in 3.1. It works over WiFi for devices on the same network and also works via email - the file that is generated can be imported into any copy of Vegas Mate running 3.1 or later.

Additional Content

Ultimately, the app is all about content. This time around, I've added new photos, new tourist tips and new feeds in the news area.

One notable inclusion is content from the Vegas Video Network. Now you can watch all your favorite VVN shows, right in the app. Thanks to Scott for working with me to get that rolling.

Vegas Mate 3.1 is a free update for existing users and $1.99 to purchase for new users. It requires iOS 4.0 or greater. If you like Vegas Mate, it'd be great if you could leave a review/rating in the App Store, even if you've done so before.

Those are the biggies for this update. More after the jump.

- Tapping Hotel Photo Opens Photos (iPhone)
- Instapaper Button (iPhone)
- Photo Thumbnail Screen Returns (iPhone)
- Long Press for Weather Detail (iPhone)
- Print Photos
- Save Photos to Camera Roll
- Hotel Spa Information
- Photo Detail Screen Supports Pinch / Zoom
- Leave Reviews for Your Trip Items / Offer to Allow Reviews When a Trip Is Over
- Restaurant Schedules Viewable
- News Downloads Continue in Background
- Adjust Entry Dates When a Trip Arrival Date Changes
- Better Photo Caching
- Bug Fixes and UI Improvements