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June 19, 2011

Return of the Sahara sale

Posted by daveschwartz

Now that it's open to the public, I can't say this is a sneak peak, but I know there are a bunch of folks on here who haven't made it down to the big sell-off yet, so I figured I'd post some more pictures taken Thursday, a few hours after the doors opened.

The fun really gets going after the jump.

If you want to run a home game and are worried about advantage blackjack players getting the drop on your dealers' faulty shuffling techniques, or just want to bump up your hands/hour, this Shufflemaster automatic shuffler is for you! A steal at $4,200.


Here's a bunch of slot chairs:


This time, I got access to the theater, where everything is being sold off, from the seats to the mixing boards. Here are some stage lights:


Every wondered what it's like to be a headliner at the Sahara? Here's a peek inside the main dressing room:


Here's the view from the Casbar stage. The dance floor is for sale, for $500.


Inside hard count:


Another look at hard count:


Inside the main cage:


Something called a Cummins Jet Sorter:


At the risk of being completely irreverent, I strolled back to the office in back of the main cage, put my feet up, and tweeted a few things. I imagined myself saying, "we're taking over the place, see?" in a James Cagney voice. It's not nearly as funny onscreen as it was in my head,


Just to show the massive screwing of the pooch that led us to this sale has a human dimension to it, I took this picture of the Christmas stockings that were hung up in the main cage. That was the most depressing thing I saw all afternoon:


Here are some nice folks waiting in line to check out:


Finally, just for Chuck, here's a photo of the self-park steps. Still pretty grimy, but a definite improvement over last September:



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June 20, 2011 11:28 AM Posted by chuckmonster

definite improvement!