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February 3, 2012 Le Mauvais Rêve (The Bad Dream)

Posted by Hunter

As probably everyone that reads this site knows, Wynn Las Vegas launched their re-designed Web site yesterday. The result is another sad chapter of decline for the company.

Chuckmonster at sums it up very well:

What you see before you on is not only a representation of Steve Wynn's declining eyesight, but the sheer lack of vision (and courage) by the team he has hired to execute orders.

Read the whole piece, it's a great take on the seemingly Jitterbug-inspired abomination they've created.

Not only is the new site ugly and brand destroying but it's also less functional. They removed restaurant menus, all the information on the casino including credit applications, the poker room stuff (there is a separate site for poker but good luck finding a link from the main site) and more. Maps? A site map? Gone. Pretty much the only thing it has going for it is some great photography. The in-room tours are basically just re-encoded versions of the videos that run on the Wynn TV channel in the guest rooms.

Again, back to Chuck:

Steve Wynn trusts Roger Thomas to turn every drywalled cube into a lustful space filled with fantasy and wonder. Where is Steve Wynn's "Rog Thom" of the internet?

Excellent point. Wynn as an organization has never fully mastered the 'net. That was starting to happen a few years ago as the e-strategies team filled out and their advice was heeded... and then they all left as the Spiegel-era set in. This is the result.

It's pretty amazing to see a well-respected company fall so hard on it's face with something as public as a Web site, especially an organization that's ostensibly all about design. I'm sure the people that worked on this project are nice folks but this is just embarrassing. It never should have left the lab and honestly, someone that's doing this level of work shouldn't be at an organization like Wynn.

The fact that Steve made a big deal on their earnings call about how proud they were shows that he's completely Internet-tone-deaf. Somehow a guy that typically has excellent taste not only approved this but thinks it's great. Steve - you may be an expert on hotels but I am confident I am more qualified when it comes to the Web: this is not good.

I showed this off to colleagues that build Web sites. They burst out laughing... and don't I wish I could share the choice comments that some in the industry sent to me.

Wynn should ask for their $29.99 back, revert to the old site immediately and, if they really want to break ground on the Internet, start over and do something that's worthy of all of the brand equity they've created through excellent hotel design.

Blow our minds with some cutting-edge responsive design that seamlessly works across all screen sizes and platforms. Integrate more of their backend systems to give the guest more power to control their stay from the Web. There's a ton of things they could do to be a leader in their industry online.

Or just leave it like it was...


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February 3, 2012 6:44 PM Posted by Marc

Chucks second comment is says how I feel about the site. We may have even tweeted about that yesterday. It really is amazing to me that a company that pays so much attention to detail on their property and offline brand can be so imperfect online - from social to website. Truthfully, I appreciate the landing page so I can mute my computer before Steve speaks. The thing I'd probably miss most are maps and menus, which I imagine they'll add.

Someone pointed out that there are no links to their social pages, which I didn't even notice. The other thing I missed was wether or not there is a link to the Red Card like they added to the old site last year. I'll have to check that later.

I'm glad my thoughts are in line with people that know design a little better than me. :)

February 3, 2012 7:55 PM Posted by Bru

It's almost like they re-designed the website solely to accommodate Wynn's deteriorating eye sight: no distracting graphics, such as maps or floor plans, and very large print. I felt like I was looking at one of my grandmother's large print books.

February 6, 2012 9:50 AM Posted by brindle

That is behond horrible. It looks like one of the free templates you get when you buy a $20 domain from Godaddy.

February 7, 2012 10:54 AM Posted by SouthLooper

Did anybody notice that the Restaurants menu makes no mention of Okada? I googled Okada, and in fact there is a web page for it in the style of the new web site. But, you can't get to it from the Restaurants page. Is this an oversight (no pun intended)?

February 7, 2012 1:25 PM Posted by Hunter

Okada is set to be renovated - likely related.

February 8, 2012 7:31 AM Posted by Paolo is the only way I interact with the Wynn brand for 355 days out of the year. The more I look at the site, the less it makes me want to stay there. Taste in design aside, this is going to make people not want to stay at Wynncore. And that's very bad.

February 9, 2012 11:05 AM Posted by chyna

I am not sure why everyone hates the site. It is an awesome change from the seizure induced websites out there. Yes there are a lot of pages but I can honestly say that that is the reason I like it. If the voice of wynn gets on your nerve you can skip the video.

Seeing the rooms makes me want to go there more than the pervious website. Where I found myself going around the mulberry bush just to get to what i was looking for.

I get all of you are probably tech savvy people, but have you every thought that a consumer doesn't want all the damn bells and whistles. On average a customer just want what they came there for, which is hotel amenities, rooms, and restaurants.

Yes the site is outside the norm, yes the buttons are big, and yes there are tons of pages, but they are not trying to sell the website but the rooms and hotel, no need to sell the casino cause everyone knows there are casinos it if fing las vegas. From a marketing stand point this site is top notch and should be applaud for making a stand for their selling strategy. They want people to come for their hotel's luxury, beauty, and class.

February 9, 2012 3:24 PM Posted by Hunter

Steve - is that you?